Hire a belly dancer to spice up your next event!

We provide Melbourne's most elegant and skillful belly dancers that have trained and performed internationally and have years of experience in quality entertainment.

Our entertainers wear dazzling haute couture belly dance costumes in a variety of colours and are in high demand for their technical and performance skills, as well as their incredibly attractive presentation.

We use a variety of traditional props including colourful silk veils, Isis wings, zills (finger cymbals), saiidi canes and scimitar swords! Our shows create a visual feast that will leave a lasting impression.

Our performances can also include audience participation where appropriate.

Belly dance is an incredibly enchanting art form that is appropriate for all ages, bringing joy to your event like nothing else can.


Belly Dance Floorshow

A stunning 15-20 minute belly dance performance that will liven up your event and delight your guests.

Traditional belly dance props including colourful silk veils, Isis wings, zills (finger cymbals),  Saiidi canes and scimitar swords are used throughout the performance as well as audience participation when appropriate.

Suitable for:  Weddings and engagement parties, corporate events, birthday celebrations and Christmas parties.


A bellygram is a shorter performance by a belly dancer ranging from 10-12 minutes in length.

Traditional props including colourful silk veils, Isis wings, zills (finger cymbals), saiidi canes and scimitar swords are used as well as audience participation.

Suitable for: Smaller gatherings at birthday parties, corporate events, bridal showers, product launches as well as restaurants.

Belly Dance Performance and Workshop

A 10-15 minute belly dance performance followed by a mini workshop to get your guests up and dancing, laughing and having a wonderful time!

The duration of the performance and workshop is flexible to your specific request. The workshop works best when it runs between 10 - 30 minutes in duration.

This package is lots of fun and can be included in birthday celebrations, festivals, bridal showers, corporate workshops and themed parties.




Book a belly dancer to make your next celebration a memorable event!