Intermediate StudentsPerforming a baladi dance @ bellydance bohemia's end of year showcase 2016

Belly Dance Fundamentals- Suitable for absolute beginners and dancers wanting to refine the basics. This class introduces students to the rich repertoire of moves that make belly dance a beautiful and expressive art form. Students will learn fundamental/basic technique and short combinations each week. Classes will also include drills to help build poweful muscle control and lots of stretching to add grace and fluidity to your movements. Students are required to complete this course at least twice before moving into the Beyond Beginners level.

Beyond Beginners - Students are required to have completed the Belly Dance Fundamentals course. This class will focus on strengthing and refining fundamental technique, learning ways to transition between moves as well as matching moves with music in short combinations. Students will also be introduced to some of the most common rhythms used in Middle Eastern belly dance music. Students also have the opportunity to learn choreography to perform at Bellydance Bohemia events. It is encouraged to repeat the beyond beginners level at least twice before moving into the intermediate class.

Intermediate Level- more complex and layered movements are introduced along with combinations and choreography. You can expect to learn impressive layered shimmies and elegant traveling movements! The intermediate level continues to work on correct dance posture and drills to improve the isolation movements essential to belly dance. Students also learn to dance with props such as silk veils and Saidi canes. Students are encouraged to attend the intermediate class for at least 6 months before moving into the advanced level.

Advanced Level- Students will learn impressive and layered movements, as well as ways to polish and advance technique to a professional level. Drills and complex combinations are taught each week. Choreography is taught and performed at Bellydance Bohemia events througout the year. Improvisation is also included in classes, giving students the opportunity to explore and express their own unique style and interpretation of the music. Traditional belly dance props such as silk veil, saidi canes, Isis wings, scimitar sword and zills (finger cymbals) are used in choreograhy. Advanced students also have the opportunity to create their own choreography to perform as a solo or duo at Bellydance Bohemia events. Students are expected to practice at home between classes each week.     



Form fitting clothing (leggings, stretch pants) is preferable so that you and Ekaterini can see the movements and isolations, and most importantly that you are in correct posture.

Bring along a hip scarf or even just a simple shawl that you can wrap around your hips. This will help you to find your hips and notice the isolated movements.

Belly dance is traditionally practiced with bare feet, however wearing ballet flats in class is highly recommended as they can help to protect your feet and assist with turns and travelling steps.

What to bring to a belly dance class?

Bring a bottle of water, and a towel during the warmer months if you like. We are going to sweat!